Performance and Compliance TAB

Being able to measure any and every specification provides us with the ability to control it. Armed with enough equipment to make NASA jealous –– along with the best team of field engineers around –– we can measure everything from the length of a freckle to how much money you are wasting on your heating system each year.

Our TAB team works with our design engineers and energy analysts to extract value from compliance regulation driven work. We will find synergistic opportunities that you can take advantage of while we create the documentation that regulatory agencies require. We turn compliance-driven activities into value generators.

Life-Cycle Analysis

Critical building systems are critical for a reason. However, most managers and decision makers are unaware of how long their systems will last. We offer a comprehensive building systems analysis and planning tool called LCAP-Pro. Enica will diagnose all of your systems. You will receive an in-depth analysis of the conditions in mission critical systems, a ranked list of the most important issues identified, and budget forecasts along with recommendations. Your firm will be able to plan and allocate capital for all of your critical building systems.

Testing & Troubleshooting

Your building system will eventually run into some issues and diagnosing exactly what the problem is can be extremely difficult. As a facility owner or operator, you may look to the help of the installing contractor and/or the design engineer. You will have to hire another party, just to take the proper measurements to support the troubleshooting and analysis of the problem. Coordinating all of this work can be a real headache.

Enica provides a simpler solution, as a NEBB certified balancing firm we can collect the proper performance data, as our engineers understand how your systems should be functioning. Our knowledge of automation enables us to identify a problem with the controls. All you have to do is let us know when we can visit your site to perform inspections, take measurements, and collect data. Reach out and allow us to solve your problem.

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