Metering Systems Design

Metering is a different, more complex undertaking than anything else in the MEP world. It is arguably the most difficult system to design, build, and keep serviceable. It is also a great way to throw money down the drain if you don’t have the right metering partner.

Why is metering more difficult?

  • Your metering system doesn’t call you to complain it isn’t working. So how do you know if it is accurate? You don’t. You need a good, thoughtful design.
  • Meter data is a different animal. It is directly tied to money and is best served using internet protocols and not automation protocols such as BACnet.
  • 100% data capture is highly improbable. If you don’t replace that missing data, your performance looks better than reality. Data must be replaced with rigor when it is lost.
Enica can deliver metering because Enica is different from other firms. We have everything from MEP engineers to networking experts to software developers to create an end-to-end metering system that is perfect for your facility. We have a decade of experience building global-scale metering infrastructure. We create preemptive, hassle-free solutions.

Energy Metering Master Planning

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Planning for energy submetering is one of the last things anyone is thinking of when designing a building. Normally, technical teams focus on implementing meters –– instead of the overall requirements for the meter system and how you get there.

We know how to both design and install meters. We are your water-to-wire one stop shop. All requirements, networking, and software are handled by our expert team. But none of those things have anything to do with planning. Planning is all about the users of the plan, the path to ideal, and how the plan is changed along the way. We leverage our expertise in software when we plan and use an agile framework.

    Here are a few red flags to keep a lookout for when planning anything dealing with meters:

    • You are using your BAS system for reporting.
    • You do not know the make and model of your firewalls.
    • The term “NAT” has not been discussed yet.
    • A maintenance program is not in your metering plan.
    • You do not have acceptance criteria written in your software requirements.

    If you have any concerns about your metering program or plan, contact Enica today!

    Metering Standards

    At some point during your project, outside parties will be installing meters on your site. You need to take the decision out of their hands by creating a sufficient standard that covers all the bases of metering, particularly the areas where bad decisions are typically made. We speak to design and construction teams, IT organizations, vendors, commissioning agents, operations departments, and more. With a usable framework in place, the value of metering will no longer be diluted by construction projects, it will be enhanced.

    If you do not have a metering standard, or if your standard looks like a three-part spec, contact our team.

    “Your comprehensive evaluation, report, prioritization and plan helped us gain invaluable insights which we have directly integrated into our capital planning. This effort gave us clarity about the current state and future needs of more than 1,000 systems across eight critically important hospital buildings.”

    – Columbia University Medical Center

    “Enica never ceases to deliver top caliber results and go the extra mile to ensure both the engineering for projects and project execution is done correctly. All the employees of Enica operate with the highest level of technical knowledge and integrity. Their innovative approach to energy efficiency in buildings has helped us accomplish projects at a lower cost and higher savings rate than would have otherwise been done. Mark is reliable and one of the best engineers with whom I have worked…”