Our Past Projects

Enica has been privileged to work with some of the most prestigious universities, pharmaceutical organizations, and hospitals in the entire world. We are proud of our work and here is just a glimpse of our potential. As you can see based on our projects, we are dedicated to delivering the best service all while trying to save you money and headaches. If you would like to hear more about our work or are interested in working together, please contact us so we can further discuss your needs.


Safety Interlock Upgrade

A Hospital client needed to enhance their safety interlock program. There were several problems with the consistency of all of the AHUs, from the documentation...

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Surgery VAV Calibration

A Hospital client had a very interesting problem: both of their operating rooms’ AHU’s were running at 100% –– but both ORs were failing on ACH and pressurization.

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Telecom RCx

This is a continuation of the same case that the  Hospital client faced with their operating room issues. Yet another problem that popped up was that the VAV controller needed...

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Testing and Balancing (TAB) Services

A Hospital client needed a service that could ensure compliance for regulation and calibration of the equipment used for regulatory monitoring. They also needed a firm that could investigate...

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