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Building Automation Systems are key components to every building in the world. Inadequate automation systems can account for more than 30% of energy waste and 100% of your headaches. Trust us: your automation does not run itself! Enica Engineering is re-envisioning how buildings are designed, built, and operated.


Automation processes are more ingrained in our lives with each passing day. Let us help you take control of your automation. 




“Enica never ceases to deliver top caliber results and go the extra mile to ensure both the engineering for projects and project execution is done correctly. All the employees of Enica operate with the highest level of technical knowledge and integrity. Their innovative approach to energy efficiency in buildings has helped us accomplish projects at a lower cost and higher savings rate than would have otherwise been done. Mark is reliable and one of the best engineers with whom I have worked…”

“Your comprehensive evaluation, report, prioritization and plan helped us gain invaluable insights which we have directly integrated into our capital planning. This effort gave us clarity about the current state and future needs of more than 1,000 systems across eight critically important hospital buildings.”

Columbia University Medical Center