About Enica

Enica Engineering was founded on the premise of quality and focus. While MEP Engineers are busy working on system sizing and equipment selections, no one is giving the dynamic nature of the design any consideration. This is where Enica shines. We spend more time thinking about building automation and have solved more complex automation problems than your typical engineering firm. With that focus we have proven processes that deliver successful outcomes for our clients.

Founded in 2010, Enica Engineering was created on the premise that our systems were becoming more complex, leading to better performance but also more issues. With a focus on filling the widening gaps in knowledge and services in the building industry, our team quickly noticed that many of the issues occurred because of building and central plant automation. The Enica team goes to work each and every day taking on the most complex problems by implementing unique, customized solutions that work for your needs.

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Our Values

Delivering Value

Value is one of the simplest equations to write, but a concept that takes years to master: Value = Benefit / Cost. We strive to deliver value by providing a high benefit at the lowest possible cost. Delivering value requires a focus on the benefactors of that value, and there are many we must always consider, including our customers, ourselves, our team members, our families, our planet, and our futures.


Growth at Enica is all about people. We must grow professionally and personally- our careers, our happiness, our culture, our capabilities, and our confidence must be continuously growing and expanding. We must invest, regularly, in these growth areas. To do anything else is to fail. Growth is the litmus test for every other core value. If we aren’t growing, we aren’t succeeding.


Our business centers around innovation, both externally and internally. Innovation drives better results for our customers by leveraging technology, pushing boundaries, and driving the state-of-the-art forward. But to realize innovation for our customers, we must make time to innovate internally, make our work-processes more efficient and effective, and self-reflect on our workflow.

Meet Our Team

Colin Breslin

Associate Principal

Mark Prewett

Co-Founder / Principal Engineer

Nick Nedostup

Associate Principal

Reed Berinato

Co-Founder / Principal Engineer